Live Press Conferences provides exclusive live streaming of our home press conferences. Every game has a pre-match press conference for journalists and you will be able to watch the home ones live here on 

Next Press Conference: Fri 11 May, 1:15pm

Notes about the Press Conference 

  • The most common time for press conferences is 1:15pm on the Friday before the weekend games.  However they typically take place after training and therefore the exact start time can vary depending on when training finishes, which can be between 12:30 to 1:30. 

  • Press conferences are split into a section for TV companies and a section for newspapers.  We are only allowed to broadcast the TV section which is why it may appear to stop abruptly. 

  • You need at least a 2Mb broadband connection or better to see the video smoothly. Plus, the further away from the UK you are, the more likely the picture feed may buffer.

This page is for streaming only, if you missed the live broadcast or would like to watch the press conference again, then subscribe to Chelsea TV via Fan Club, where you can watch the extended press conference online as well as the previous Chelsea press conferences.