What is the Foundation

What is the Foundation?

Formed in 2010, the Chelsea Foundation brings together the Football in the Community and the Education department along with the club’s other charitable and community activities, including environment and anti-discrimination projects.

As one of the world’s leading football social responsibility programme the Chelsea Foundation uses the power of sport to motivate, educate and inspire. We believe that the power of football can be harnessed to support communities and individuals both at home and abroad.  

On top of our outstanding football development programmes, the Chelsea Foundation works on a broad range of initiatives focusing on employment, education, social deprivation, crime reduction, youth offending and much more.

Contact Us

For more information on the Chelsea Foundation please contact:


Chelsea Foundation, Stamford Bridge, London SW6 1HS

soccerschools@chelseafc.com, or call 020 7957 8220



Chelsea Foundation, Chelsea Football Club Training Facility, Stoke Road, Cobham KT11 3PT

surreydev@chelseafc.com, or call 01932 596 139



There are currently no vacancies available with the Foundation at present.