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Club history

1990s Summary

After a 26-year wait for major silverware, the FA Cup is lifted in 1997

Bobby Campbell (1988-91)
Ian Porterfield (1991-93)
David Webb (1993)

The League Cup-winning side, 1998

Glenn Hoddle (1993-96)
Ruud Gullit (1996-98)
Gianluca Vialli (1998-2000)
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The modern Chelsea Football Club was created in this decade, starting with the crucial news that the owners of Stamford Bridge, Cabra Estates, had gone bust. An attritional war for control of the ground ended and its long-overdue regeneration as a temple of football could begin.  

The big-name signings of Paul Elliott, Andy Townsend, Dennis Wise and co. only partially helped prepare the club for the revolutions that were about to happen when the top 22 clubs broke away from the Football League and European law handed footballers freedom of contract with the Bosman ruling.

Chelsea were founding members of the new Premier League in 1992/93 and have remained in the top flight ever since – the longest run in our history. That same year UEFA expanded its club competitions, making them far more lucrative.

The Blues needed a football philosopher for this era of new possibilities and found it in Glenn Hoddle. In summer 1993 the graceful former England midfielder began implementing a root-and-branch revolution that would radically reshape everything from players’ diet to the training ground. 

His most important change was in the mindset of the club and supporters and 1994 brought the first FA Cup final for 24 years, followed by a UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup campaign. 

Thus convinced, at a hotel meeting in May 1995 the board decided on a daring investment to lure star names back to the Bridge, playing attractive football, in front of big crowds watching European matches on a regular basis.

The result was the stunning arrivals of Ruud Gullit, Mark Hughes, Gianluca Vialli, Frank Leboeuf, Gianfranco Zola, Marcel Desailly and others as the old Chelsea regained its glamour. Under Gullit, then Vialli, the Blues eradicated decades of underachievement by winning the FA Cup, League Cup, Cup Winners’ Cup and Super Cup. 

The stellar continentals dominated the story lines – and on Boxing Day 1999 Vialli fielded the first all-overseas XI — yet homegrowns including Frank Sinclair and Eddie Newton and Brits such as Steve Clarke and Wise had been equally vital to each triumph. The success, though, would come at a price…


Spirit Of The Age

Earth becomes a global village with the arrival of the World Wide Web. (Whatever happened to Netscape Navigator? Must Google that… )

Key Players

Trophies keep coming as Gianfranco Zola scores the winner in the Cup Winners' Cup

Gianfranco Zola (1996-03)
Dennis Wise (1990-01)
Roberto Di Matteo (1996-2002)
Frank Leboeuf (1996-01)
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Key Matches : 1990-1999



1990s Matchday Programme Cover


Players of the 1990s

Player Years Total Apps Total Goals
ALLEN, Clive1991-9222+29
ALLON, Joe1991-924+143
AMBROSETTI, Gabriele1999-0311+121
BABAYARO, Celestine1997-05177+208
BARNARD, Darren1990-9520+132
BARNESS, Anthony1992-9616+30
BEASANT, Dave1989-931570
BOYD, Tom1991-9231+10
BUMSTEAD, John1976-91379+3044
BURLEY, Craig1989-97105+3211
CASCARINO, Tony1992-9439+68
CASIRAGHI, Pierluigi1998-0013+21
CHARVET, Laurent1998-987+62
CLARKE, Steve1987-98407+1410
CLEMENT, Neil1995-001+30
COLGAN, Nick1992-9810
CRITTENDEN, Nick1997-001+20
CUDICINI, Carlo1999-09210+60
CUNDY, Jason1988-9256+12
DALLA BONA, Sam1998-0251+226
DE GOEY, Ed1997-03178+10
DESAILLY, Marcel1998-04219+37
DESCHAMPS, Didier1999-0044+31
DI MATTEO, Roberto1996-02155+2026
DICKENS, Alan1989-9346+94
DIXON, Kerry1983-92413+7193
DONAGHY, Mal1992-9472+63
DORIGO, Tony1987-9118012
DOW, Andy1993-9617+10
DUBERRY, Michael1993-99106+93
DURIE, Gordon1986-91145+863
ELLIOTT, Paul1991-94543
FERRER, Albert1998-03105+81
FLECK, Robert1992-9543+54
FLO, Tore André1997-0094+6950
FORREST, Craig1997-972+10
FORSSELL, Mikael1998-0512+4112
FREESTONE, Roger1987-91530
FURLONG, Paul1994-9659+2617
GILKES, Michael1992-920+20
GOLDBÆK, Bjarne1998-0021+195
GRANVILLE, Danny1997-9819+71
GRODÅS, Frode1996-9826+10
GULLIT, Ruud1995-9850+147
HALL, Gareth1986-96148+235
HAMPSHIRE, Steven1997-000+10
HARFORD, Mick1992-9333+111
HARLEY, Jon1997-0130+122
HAZARD, Micky1985-9094+912
HITCHCOCK, Kevin1988-01131+40
HODDLE, Glenn1993-9522+171
HØGH, Jes1999-0111+60
HOPKIN, David1992-9524+221
HUGHES, Mark1995-98109+1439
HUGHES, Paul1994-0015+82
JOHNSEN, Erland1989-97170+131
JONES, Vinnie1991-92527
KEENAN, Joe1999-060+30
KHARINE, Dmitri1992-991460
KJELDBJERG, Jakob1993-9665+12
KNIGHT, Leon1999-030+10
LAMBOURDE, Bernard1997-0143+173
LAUDRUP, Brian1998-988+31
LE SAUX, Graeme1987-93 & 1997-03280+3216
LEBŒUF, Frank1996-01200+424
LEE David1988-98148+4613
LIVINGSTONE, Steve1993-940+10
MATTHEW, Damian1989-9419+80
McALLISTER, Kevin1985-91101+3913
MELCHIOT, Mario1999-04149+165
MINTO, Scott1994-9770+25
MITCHELL, David1988-9180
MONKOU, Ken1989-92117+22
MORRIS, Jody1995-03113+609
MYERS, Andy1991-9989+172
NEWTON, Eddie1990-99181+3310
NICHOLAS, Peter1988-9192+12
NICHOLLS, Mark1995-0116+363
PARKER, Paul1997-971+30
PEACOCK, Gavin1993-96119+1527
PEARCE, Ian1991-930+50
PERCASSI, Luca1998-000+20
PETRESCU, Dan1995-00186+2223
PEYTON, Gerry1993-930+10
PHELAN, Terry1995-9621+30
POYET, Gustavo1997-01110+3549
RIX, Graham1994-951+30
ROBERTS, Graham1988-908322
ROCASTLE, David1994-9837+32
SHEERIN, Joe1997-000+10
SHIPPERLEY, Neil1992-9535+139
SINCLAIR, Frank1990-98211+713
SPACKMAN, Nigel1983-87 & 1992-96254+1314
SPENCER, John1992-96100+3743
STEIN, Mark1993-9857+625
STUART, Graham1989-9389+2118
SUTTON, Chris1999-0027+123
TERRY, John1998-17686+3167
THOME, Emerson1999-0020+20
TOWNSEND, Andy1990-9313819
VIALLI, Gianluca1996-0069+1940
WEST, Colin1985-908+84
WILSON, Clive1987-9085+185
WILSON, Kevin1987-92155+3655
WILSON, Kevin1987-92155+3655
WISE, Dennis1990-01434+1176
WOLLEASTON, Robert1998-030+20
ZOLA, Gianfranco1996-03260+5280

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