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Club history

1960s Summary

A youthful Chelsea Squad in 1964

Ted Drake (1952-61)
Tommy Docherty (1962-67)
Dave Sexton (1967-74)
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Being so close to the new waves in society and the arts that were sweeping London, Chelsea could not avoid embracing modernisation. Ted Drake’s distinguished era drew to a close with relegation and a new broom: Tommy Docherty.

The dynamic young Scot was a novice in man-management but knew what he wanted in football terms and created a young, vibrant, all-action attacking unit that was hugely attractive to fans, new and old alike.  

The flair of the ‘Kings of the King’s Road’ appealed equally to the working classes of the World’s End and Battersea and bohemians from the Chelsea Arts Club or the big names of stage and screen who brought stardust to the stands. New accommodation was created with the cantilevered, functional West Stand in 1966.

Drake had overseen the first use of a badge on Chelsea shirts, the now-famous lion rampant, but while The Doc would initiate trendy kit changes of his own (all-blue, then blue-blue-white) it was fresh tactics and success he craved. 

He began by brilliantly stewarding his young, mostly homegrown side to an immediate return to the top flight. The following season, 1964/65, they genuinely chased the treble of Division One, FA Cup and League Cup. 

Only the League Cup was won, but it was a start, and an exhilarating foray into Europe ended at the semi-final stage against Barcelona after a replay. These were times of renewal and hope.  

The Blues reached the FA Cup final for the first time in 52 years in 1967, losing to London rivals Spurs. Former coach Dave Sexton returned to replace Docherty soon after and his more tactical, less cavalier approach soon paid off.   

Better league finishes year-on-year suggested the shedding of the age-old inconsistency tag and in 1969/70 Chelsea finished third for the second time in six years. The same season an epic FA Cup final replay against Leeds United – watched by the largest UK television audience for a club football match of 28.5 million – ended in glory for Chelsea at last in that competition. 

Everything looked rosy at Stamford Bridge.


Spirit Of The Age

Young people’s rejection of age-old conventions leads to creative explosions in art, music, literature, philosophy and fashion. London is the ‘swinging city’, with the King’s Road at the heart. ‘If you remember anything about the 1960s,’ people will later claim, ‘you weren’t really there.’

Key Players

Bobby Tambling scores against Arsenal

Bobby Tambling (1958-70)
Terry Venables (1960-66)
Peter Bonetti (1959-79)

Peter Bonetti saves at the feet of George Best, 1966

Ron Harris (1961-80)
David Webb (1968-74)
John Hollins (1963-1975, 1983/1984)
Eddie McCreadie (1962-1973)
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Key Matches : 1960-1969



1960s Matchday Programme Cover


Players of the 1960s

Player Years Total Apps Total Goals
ANDERTON, Sylvan1959-62822
BALDWIN, Tommy1966-75228+1192
BARRON, Jim1965-6610
BERRY, Paul1953-6030
BIRCHENALL, Alan1967-7095+128
BLOCK, Michael1957-62406
BLUNSTONE, Frank1953-6434754
BOLLAND, Gordon1960-6220
BONETTI, Peter1959-797290
BOYLE, John1964-73253+1312
BRABROOK, Peter1955-6227157
BRADBURY, Terry1957-62291
BRIDGES, Barry1958-66203+293
BROOKS, Johnny1959-61527
BROWN, Dennis1962-64132
BUTLER, Dennis1960-63180
BUTLER, Geoff1967-688+10
CLISS, David1956-62241
COMPTON, John1955-60120
COOKE, Charlie1966-72 & 1974-78360+1330
CORTHINE, Peter1957-6020
CROWTHER, Stan1958-61580
DEMPSEY, John1969-78200+77
DOCHERTY, Tommy1961-6240
DUNN, John1962-66160
EVANS, Bobby1960-61371
FASCIONE, Joe1962-6927+71
GIBBS, Derek1955-60256
GRAHAM, George1964-6610246
GREAVES, Jimmy1957-61169132
HAMILTON, Ian1967-683+22
HARMER, Tommy1962-6791
HARRIS, Allan1960-64 & 1966-67098+4
HARRIS, Ron1961-80784+1114
HARRISON, Michael1957-62649
HATELEY, Tony1966-6732+19
HINTON, Marvin1963-76328+164
HOLLINS, John1963-75 & 1983-8459264
HOLTON, Pat1959-6010
HOUSEMAN, Peter1962-75325+1839
HOUSTON, Stewart1967-7210+40
HUDSON, Alan1968-74 & 1983-84188+114
HUGHES, Tommy1965-71110
HUTCHINSON, Ian1968-76137+758
KEVAN, Derek1963-6371
KIRKUP, Joe1966-6862+72
KNOX, Tommy1962-65210
LIVESEY, Charlie1959-614218
LLOYD, Barry1966-698+20
LUKE, George1967-6810
MALCOLM, Andy1961-62281
MATTHEWS, Reg1956-611480
McCALLIOG, Jim1963-65123
McCREADIE, Eddie1962-74405+55
McMILLAN, Eric1958-6050
McMILLAN, Paul1967-6810
McNALLY, Errol1961-6390
MOORE, Graham1961-637214
MORTIMORE, John1956-6527910
MULHOLLAND, Jimmy1962-64123
MULLIGAN, Paddy1969-7274+52
MURRAY, Bert1961-66179+444
NICHOLAS, Tony1955-606320
O’ROURKE, John1962-6310
OSGOOD, Peter1964-74 & 1978-79376+4150
PINNER, Mike1961-6210
ROBERTSON, Bill G1946-602150
ROBSON, Tom1965-666+10
SCOTT, Mel1956-631040
SHAW, Colin1961-6310
SHELLITO, Ken1957-691232
SILLETT, John1954-621021
SILLETT, Peter1953-6228834
SINCLAIR, Billy1964-6610
SMART, Jim1965-6610
SMETHURST, Derek1968-7118+15
SORRELL, Dennis1962-6441
STEPNEY, Alex1966-6610
TAMBLING, Bobby1958-70366+4202
THOMSON, Jim1965-6840+71
TINDALL, Ron1953-6117469
UPTON, Frank1961-65863
VENABLES, Terry1960-6623731
WALDRON, Colin1967-67100
WATSON, Ian1962-6591
WEBB, David1968-7429933
WHIFFEN, Kingsley1966-6710
WHITTAKER, Dick1952-60510
WOSAHLO, Roger1964-670+10
YOUNG, Allan1961-69261

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