Stockport 1 Chelsea 0

2 September 1905 

Division Two 

Just five months after the foundation of Chelsea Football Club, and four after our acceptance into  the  Football  League,  we  were  ready  to  play  our  first match. 

A squad that had been assembled hastily and expensively during the summer travelled  north to  Edgeley  Park,  Stockport,  a  ground  even  then  regarded  as the worst in the League. An  even  first  half,  according  to  the  following  week’s  Chelsea  Chronicle, remained goalless and all the drama was reserved for the second period. William  Foulke,  known,  not surprisingly  as  ‘Fatty’ due  to  his  20-stone  bulk, became the first Chelsea goalkeeper to save a penalty, but in the melee that followed  a  wayward  County  shot  was  deflected into  his  own  net  by  Robert McEwan. 

Chelsea dominated from then on; Jimmy Windridge hit the County post twice, and  we  were denied  two  penalties,  the  first  when  Martin  Moran  was  barged over, and the second as a Stockport defender handled on the line. That time the referee at least consulted his linesman but to the surprise and anger of the Chelsea team, failed to award the kick. 

So for the first time in our history, but not the last, we were left to rue our bad luck and the intervention of the officials. The attendance that day for Chelsea’s first game was 7,000, a club record for Stockport. Attracting record gates on  our travels  was  a  trend  to  be repeated on many occasions over the next few seasons.