The Work Behind: Willy Caballero

Goalkeeper Willy Caballero answers a selection of questions relating to the work players do behind the scenes at Cobham.

On a typical day, what time do you normally arrive at Cobham?

Normally if we are training at 10.30am I get to the training ground at around 9am and I am usually the second person to arrive, after Eduardo. I’ll have breakfast with my team-mates and drink Mate (South American tea) with Marcos Alonso and we will spend a bit of time talking.

I go to the gym after training, so beforehand I just try to enjoy the company of my team-mates. In the changing room is generally where all the funny stuff happens so it’s nice to enjoy a good bond with the other players.

Do you have breakfast at the training ground? What do you normally eat?

For breakfast I try to have different things otherwise it gets a bit boring. I like having some toast with eggs and spinach, and maybe the next day I will have granola and fruit. I like a bit of variation.

Do you always wear the same kit?

It can depend on the weather but yes generally I always wear the same stuff.

How many pairs of boots do you get through in a season?

I can get through quite a few pairs. Nike change the boots every couple of months and last season there were five or six different models, so I would say I use quite a lot.

What are your optimum training conditions weather-wise?

I prefer it a little bit hotter, but in this country that can sometimes be almost impossible, so you have to account for the weather. But after four years in England now I think the weather over here is quite good for training and playing games as well.

Do you do extra work in the gym after training?

Yes, I do a lot after training. I spend an hour in the gym every day, I have a plan which is specific for a goalkeeper, and the day before a game I will try to do more work for my posture, so things like yoga or pilates. The day before a game we do less work quantity-wise so I prefer to do stretching or something like that.

Do you have lunch at Cobham? Does your diet change as the game gets closer?

I have a good daily diet and I’m very well organised. I normally have lunch at home with my wife while my daughter is at school. In the last three or four years I’ve tried to eat gluten-free, so gluten-free pasta and bread etc, to try to take care of myself, and I feel better. My body has changed a lot. I normally have spaghetti, pasta or chicken, but always taking care of myself as a professional player.