Did you equal Eddie?

A big thank you to all of those supporters who attempted to equal or beat Eddie Newton’s score in our quiz related to Chelsea in the 90s, which was published on this website on Saturday.

There was a high level of participation, with many fans eager to test their knowledge on what is widely regarded as a special period in the club’s history.

We did not say it was going to be easy to beat Eddie, and only four per cent of participants scored top marks, so a huge congratulations to everybody who achieved 15 out of 15!

Four per cent of supporters matched Newton’s score of 14 out of 15, but plenty did achieve big scores with 65 per cent getting eight or more questions correct, meaning our fans know their stuff when it comes to Chelsea in the 90s.

And the one question Eddie did not answer correctly? It was:

After our 1997 FA Cup win, a special Harley Davidson motorbike was produced and sold in the Megastore. What was it called? Correct answer: The Ruud Boy