The Work Behind...Willian

In the latest instalment of our feature asking players about what they do behind the scenes at Cobham, Willian discusses the benefits of massages and tells us why he likes it hot...


What time do you get to Cobham and what do you do before training?

On a typical day I get to the training ground an hour or so before training. I’ll have breakfast in the canteen and then maybe have a massage or do some work with the physios in order to make sure I’m ready and well prepared for the session.

What kit do you wear?

Every day we wear the same training kit, unless it’s a Champions League game, when we wear our specific Champions League training kit (below). Once the weather starts changing and it gets colder then I try to wrap up to keep warm, I usually wear a snood in the winter months.

During the season how many pairs of boots do you get through?

I would say more than five because every few months Nike, who I’m sponsored by, change the colours of their boots. I always try to give my old boots to people who are in need of them and can’t afford to buy them, especially back home in Brazil. The kids there start to play football very early and some families don’t have money to buy boots so I try to give my boots to them.

What are your ideal conditions for training?

I like it when it’s hot. I’m not a fan of the cold. I prefer to train in warm weather, not too hot but anything from around 25 to 28 degrees is nice for me.

Do you do yoga?

No, I’ve never tried it. Maybe one day, we’ll have to see.

What do you do after training at Cobham?

Sometimes I like to go for a massage, particularly if I feel stiff or if something has happened to me in training, I’ll go to the treatment room and put some ice on it. I always have a massage the night before a game and then on the day of the game, when we get to the stadium, I’ll have another one then.

Do you eat lunch at Cobham? What do you have?

Yes I do, I normally just have something simple like chicken, pasta and avocado. When I’m at home I eat a lot of Brazilian food, my wife is a good cook, and then the night before a game I will have some more chicken and pasta.