Playing it safe

Supporters attending tomorrow's game against Burnley, as well as future matches at Stamford Bridge this season, are advised to read the following security information:

The safety of all fans and visitors on a matchday is extremely important to us and there are some simple steps we can follow to ensure everybody is safe and secure at Stamford Bridge. Our stewards and Game Makers are here to assist you and offer information. Please remain vigilant and if you see anything you are unhappy with, we encourage you to report it to a steward or any member of staff as quickly as possible.

We constantly review our security measures and while some of these are visible, others may not be so obvious, but all are aimed at ensuring that visitors remain safe. Please remember our safety procedures are in place for the benefit of all and we ask you to show patience and support.

Arrive early

The busiest period on a matchday is the half-an-hour leading up to kick-off. Please arrive as early as possible to avoid the biggest crowds.

Ticket checks

Ticket checks are in place upon entering the stadium site so we ask that you have them ready for inspection when you arrive. You may also be asked to show your ticket at any time you are within the Stamford Bridge grounds.

Our bag policy

We ask fans to refrain from bringing bags to matches, particularly large ones, where possible. This ensures supporters are able to enter the stadium quickly and freely, as all bags and persons are subject to security searches prior to entering through the turnstiles. Please note there are no storage facilities at Stamford Bridge.

Please be seated

Persistent standing is an offence under the Ground Regulations and could lead to a reduction in capacity in the areas it occurs. We understand standing will happen at times during the game, but please show consideration for your fellow fans and remain seated whenever possible.

No smoking

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the stadium at Stamford Bridge. The smoking of e-cigarettes is also forbidden. Any person in breach of these rules will be ejected.


CCTV is in operation throughout the stadium grounds for your safety and security.