The Work Behind...Gary Cahill

In a new feature for the new season, we ask the players about the work they do behind the scenes at Cobham from the moment they arrive to when they leave. The skipper gets us started...


When you get to the training ground, what do you do before training?

I come in, go in the dressing room and say hello to the boys, get changed and go up to the canteen and have breakfast. After breakfast, you can go to the physio room and get a bit of treatment.

Personally, if I am doing a pre warm-up before I go out to training, which I sometimes do, then I go to the gym and go on the bike for 10 or 15 minutes, have a stretch in there and get ready to go out and start training.

Predominantly the time before that is to make sure you come in early enough to have breakfast, have a coffee, because food is just as important as a warm-up before you start training, and you need to leave time to allow it to settle.

What do you have for breakfast?

Porridge with honey on, maybe an omelette, and a coffee – or two!

Do you always wear the same kit for training?

Yeah, basically. Shorts, t-shirt, small socks, maybe a thin top in winter. Nothing unusual. 

What about your boots?

I like them comfy for training. For games I might have them tighter. There’s nothing special about them, they’ve got my kids initials on them. I decide before going out to training if it’s hard ground, when I will wear moulds, and if it’s a bit wet I’ll wear a smaller stud than I would in a game.

How many pairs do you get through a season?

Good question! No idea. Probably less than 10. Once I wear the boot and I’m comfy in the boot and I’ve bedded it in, I’m happy with that. Sometimes we have different colours for different times of the season.

What are your optimum training conditions weather wise?

Cool and dry.

What do you do after training?

When I come in is when I’d do some core work or some weights, just to try and keep strong. I might do some work on my legs. And then I’d go in the pool from there.

I use the pool regularly. It’s a personal preference. It’s one that makes me feel like I can recover my legs and recover my body. I use both the hot and cold pools and I spend a lot of time in there.

What do you have for lunch at Cobham?

Everything! Fish, meat, salad, fruit, nuts. Towards the end of the week, in the build-up to a game, I would have more carbs. I don’t particularly need that many carbs early in the week, but leading up to the game I want to fuel up and make sure I have got as much energy as I can in my body.