The Work Behind...Eduardo

Eduardo is the latest player to answer our questionnaire about what the players do behind the scenes at Cobham, with the unique nature of goalkeeping understandably dominating his responses...

When you get to Cobham, what do you do before training?

Normally I am always the first to arrive, I get here at about 8. I like to come, have breakfast, see some news – here and in Portugal – and then I will always go to the gym for one hour to prepare myself in the best possible way for training. It’s important to compose yourself and take care of your body.

What specific work do you do in the gym then?

I will do different things, some strength work on my arms, I try to mix it up every day and not do everything on the same day. One day I might do arms, core and abdominals, another day I might do legs and stretching. It’s about understanding your body. You have a lot of things to do in training and sometimes specific things that you need to work on.  

What do you have for breakfast?

I don’t eat much, just some fruit and some porridge, and coffee – I like a lot of coffee!

Do you do yoga?

No, not individually. Maybe one day.

Do you use the pool? 

I use the pool and the sauna after training which is important for recovery. Here we have a lot of things to help us recover and be prepared for the hard training.

Do you always wear the same kit for training?

It depends on the weather. I might take an extra jacket if it’s cold.

Is there anything unusual about your gloves?

It’s very specific. I like the way they prepare the gloves the way we like. They are always improving every year. The balls are always becoming more difficult to catch, and we help them with feedback on what they can do better for us.

I always use the same gloves. I don’t like to change them a lot. It’s like boots; the better you understand them, the better they are. If you use new gloves it’s a different way of catching, the feeling is different. The material improves but I like to keep mine because then I know how they work in the rain or in the dry.

What are your optimum training conditions weather wise?

I don’t like the rain a lot! It’s more difficult for us goalkeepers: the balls come fast, there is a lot of movement and catching balls is very difficult. Sometimes mistakes happen because of the conditions, not because of your movement. So rain and the wind is the worst. Dry and calm is the best, but that doesn’t exist!

How many pairs of gloves do you get through in a season?

Maybe 20, 30. Sometimes they last three or four weeks, sometimes two days. It depends on training and if it’s hard, or if you fall in a different way and scratch the glove. The latex of the glove improves over days so it’s important to wear them in. 

What do you normally have for lunch at Cobham?

I don’t eat a lot of meat or fish. I like soup and a mix of salads and vegetables. I have problems with weight so I have to take care of myself.