The Work Behind...Andreas Christensen

Andreas Christensen provides some details on the work he carries out at Cobham on a daily basis..


On a typical day, what time do you get to Cobham, and what do you do before training begins?

Normally, if we’re training at 10.30am I get here around 9am so I have plenty of time to prepare for the session. I enjoy eating breakfast here so I take my time over that and then most days I will go to the gym and do a bit of work on my hamstrings and glutes because I’ve had some back problems in the past and I want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I’ll do a few exercises and then go to the physios to have my ankles strapped.

What do you have for breakfast?

I try to mix it up, but I like to have scrambled eggs, avocado and a bit of fruit but after a few days I get bored so then I start having porridge or bread with poached eggs. I always finish with some fruit.

Do you always wear the same kit?

Unless it gets very cold I always like to train in shorts, in terms of the top it doesn’t really matter to me.

What are your ideal training conditions?

I don’t like it when it’s freezing cold, like the winter in Scandinavia where I’m from, even though I’m used to it. When I’m playing football I actually quite like it if it’s just been raining, or if it’s very light rain, but around 20 degrees. I don’t like it too hot.

How many pairs of boots do you get through in a season?

In terms of the ones I wear for games, I normally try to wear the same ones for a while because after a couple of times playing in them they start to feel comfortable and you get used to them. I probably get through anything between five and 10 pairs a season. I get through much more, though, when it comes to the boots I train in.

I’m not superstitious but I tried to keep the ones I wore when I made my Denmark debut, I don’t know where they are now though. Sometimes I give pairs to my brother or the Red Cross.

What do you do after training? Any yoga or massages?

If my body is sore I like to have a massage or an ice bath, I tried yoga once but it’s not for me, it’s too stretchy.

What do you normally eat for lunch? Does it change as a match gets closer?

I'm very boring in that sense because I always have pasta and pesto, with either chicken, fish or beef. Even before a game I have the same.


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