The Boys Next Door: Cesar Azpilicueta

In the second of a new feature this season, we ask one of the players for a little insight into the team-mates who sit next to him in the changing room at the training ground at Cobham.

For Cesar Azpilicueta, his neighbours are Marcos Alonso and Michy Batshuayi…

Who is normally first in for training in the mornings?

Normally me! 

Are they tidy or messy neighbours?

Both of them are messy! 

Eden Hazard said you are tidy...

That's true, that's true! I like to keep everything in place. 

Tell us something we may not know about each of them

Both of them spend quite a long time in the dressing room, they stay there until the last minute before training. Something particular about Michy is that he keeps receiving boxes and boxes every day. I don’t know what is inside them! But Michy has a lot. 

Do either of them secretly film on their phones for social media content?

Sometimes in the treatment room I see them filming, yes, especially Michy. 

Who spends the longest looking in the mirror or doing their hair?

Wow, that’s a tough one. Maybe Marcos - he has his own movement with his hair!

Favourite topic of conversation?

Sometimes Michy asks me to translate whatever we are saying in English into French. Michy is a former Marseille player and sometimes we speak about this. With Marcos I speak a lot with him in Spanish about everything, mainly football.

Best thing about each of them as a neighbour? 

They are good guys. I have had a few neighbours over the years and I have never complained about anyone. Michy and Marcos are like they are and that is the best thing: to be yourself. We are happy to be here and to share the dressing room.

They are quite quiet, they are younger than me and they are very good guys.

Do you like their music?

I prefer Marcos’s to Michy’s! Marcos listens to Spanish music, more stuff I know. I don’t really hear Michy’s but when I see it on his phone I can see it’s something different…

Let’s talk clothes...

Michy is…sometimes he tries to improvise and it doesn’t look good! Marcos is more classy.

Do you see each other away from the club?

I see Marcos, yes, sometimes we have dinner together.