Calling the Shots: Nathan Ake

Nathan Ake is the latest player to talk us through some posts from his personal Instagram account.

The Dutchman picks out some memorable moments from his time on the pitch and also includes a couple of compatriots who will be familiar to Chelsea supporters...


Nice interview with Dutch Legend @ruudgullitofficial_ coming Saturday at @ziggosport

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'When Ruud Gullit said he wanted to do an interview with me I was happy because he’s a Dutch legend and he was also a big player for Chelsea. I really enjoyed it and he was a nice guy. Because we used to have similar hairstyles, everywhere I went people would call me Gullit, but that’s stopped now. The interview was for Dutch television and it went out before the Liverpool game, but it was great to meet him.'


Drake with the bro's❤💪🏽 @iam_ayvee @c3drickake

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'This was taken at a Drake concert recently, I’m pictured here with my brother and one of my friends. I saw Drake a few years ago and this one was another good show. My brother and I are quite close so we spend a lot of time together and enjoy going to concerts and that sort of thing. He's my older brother and he moved to England with me when I came here at 16, he’s just finishing university and he’s really helped me.'


After the Europa League final in 2013 #ThrowbackThursday

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'This was the Europa League final which we won in 2013. The game took place in Amsterdam and around that time, under Rafa Benitez, I was getting a few games. I was only 18 at the time, I played in the semi-final and to be on the bench in the final was a great experience for me. Of course, winning the final was amazing for me and I still carry that with me. The fact it was in Holland meant a lot of people I know were able to come and watch so that made it even more special.'


Good to see you again👌🏽 @marcovanginkel @kristiewillems #nobu #friends

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'Myself and Marco van Ginkel meet up every few months and our girlfriends are really good friends as well. We clicked as soon as we met and we like to do things together away from the pitch as well. I didn’t meet him until he signed for Chelsea but I knew who he was before that. It’s always good to meet up with him and this was a good night, he’s a really nice guy.'



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'This was taken in Ibiza last summer, I went on the boat with Jeffrey Bruma, who used to play for Chelsea, Karim Rekik, another Dutch player, and our girlfriends. I’ve known Bruma for a while now and we keep in contact. Him and Karim played together for PSV so that’s how we all know each other. Bruma is at Wolfsburg now and doing really well. We spent the day on the boat and had a really nice time.'


#tb #cfc

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'This was my full debut against Middlesbrough in the FA Cup in 2013. I’d just turned 18 and I remember feeling very nervous the night before the game as I knew I was going to be playing. The game went well, we won 2-0 and I really enjoyed it. I played in central midfield with Ramires. It was a different position for me but I played quite a few games there under Benitez.'


With @obbioulare @zinaoulare @kayleerm_ yesterday👌

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'This was taken at Winter Wonderland the Christmas before last. I was on loan at Watford at the time and that’s Obbi Oulare in the picture with me. He’s from Belgium so we'd speak Dutch and we spent quite a bit of time together away from the pitch. It's always nice to get out and about in London.'