Kirby kicks us off!

Hey everyone and welcome to my first ever Chelsea blog! I’ve been given this amazing opportunity to fill you guys in with everything that’s going on with the Chelsea Ladies and a few of my thoughts leading into games.

Journalism isn’t something I have always considered, but being around the media, I’ve taken a real shine to it and to look into it further, to see where it could take me. Women’s football isn’t quite the same as the men’s game (yet) and we have to think about our lives afterwards, as all of us will have to pursue a career – I don’t think you’ll see too many of us on our yachts sailing around the Caribbean once we’ve retired! You will see many of the women studying or working alongside playing, to enable them to work within something they enjoy after football, so hence why you now have the pleasure of reading my delightful blogs for a while!

Recently you would have seen the Ladies players all over in different countries with their international teams. You had some in La Manga, in Seville and even some in South Africa. As an international, you visit many different countries, playing against other international teams and gaining experience playing abroad. Once we all returned it was back to Chelsea business, focusing on that weekend game against Everton at home. 

Those returning had a bit of a lighter day after travelling home, a bit of head tennis and some possession games. While the girls who had a few days off were put through their paces a little more, which might for some include a gym session. Our days alter throughout the week, depending on when the games are and whether you play or not. A typical day for us would be a nice 9:30am breakfast - I go for the pretty standard scrambled eggs on toast (nice and plain). We would then have a meeting at 10am, this will either be about the game plan for the next match or reviewing the fixture we have just played. Training is usually at 11am, so the girls do ‘prehab’ before heading out the pitch. This gets your muscles a bit warmer so when you start to run you are less likely to pick up any muscle injuries.

Training is always tough, apart from the day before the game. It will always be related to the plan we’ve set out ahead of the match, and how we can adapt this into the game itself.

Lunch is always interesting, imagine being a chef and having to come up with a menu that over 30 people will enjoy! After lunch, depending on the day, we are either finished and head home to rest, or have a gym session planned. There are some of the girls who absolutely hate gym, who always try and shower and run off! However, most of the time you’ll see the girls working hard and pushing themselves. It’s vital you put the hard work in off the pitch, as well as on it.

Anyway, that’s enough of me for one day. Hopefully you will catch up with another blog soon to see how we’ve been getting on!

There is a special chance to meet and hear from Fran, and her Chelsea and England team-mate, Karen Carney, when they appear at the Stamford Bridge Megastore tomorrow (Wednesday).

The two Chelsea Ladies players will be in store between 4pm and 5pm and will take part in a Q&A session for the first 15 minutes, hosted by Chelsea TV’s Lee Parker.

Afterwards, Kirby and Carney will be signing merchandise and there will be a competition to win a pair of signed boots from both of them.