Fans' Forum

What is the Fans' Forum?

The Fans' Forum is a body consisting of elected fans and senior members of the club. It meets three times a season to discuss and debate club matters. 


The aims of the Forum are:-

  • To maintain a positive and constructive dialogue between the club and fans
  • To develop a better understanding of issues that affect supporters
  • An opportunity for the club to discuss new ideas The end goals of the Forum are:-
  • Ensuring that supporters - whether on the Forum or not - feel valued in their loyalty to the club
  • To increase the supporter base
  • To provide supporters - as far as reasonably possible - with the facilities and conditions that they expect from Chelsea Football Club
  • To help develop a business structure that underpins a successful football team

The Forum does not exist to discuss transfers, player contracts or similar issues.


Structure of the Forum

To reflect the diverse nature of Chelsea's support, representatives will be drawn from a variety of supporters: season ticket holders, away scheme holders, club members, private box and executive suite members, family stand season ticket holders, over 65 year old fans, 16-21 year old fans, disabled fans and representatives of official, unofficial and international supporter clubs.

We fully realise that many fans may overlap between categories, but we feel it is important to aim for a wide range of representation. The above, of course, in no way prevents someone over-65, 16-21, or disabled from standing for, or being selected from, another category for which they qualify instead. However, in the interests of balance and gauging fans' views from as wide a range of fans as possible, supporters' groups will be restricted to one member on the Forum.

It is important for the Forum to allow a variety of views to be heard. As a result, members will serve a term of 2 years. No member can be reselected for two consecutive terms and once their term is served members will not be eligible for re-election for three years.


Club Officials

The following will serve as permanent members of the Forum:

  • Finance and Operations Director
  • Head of Communications and Public Affairs 
  • Head of Ticketing and Supporter Liaison 
  • Marketing Manager