We try to be as open and transparent as possible. Here are a few of the questions we are asked most often, but if you have another query, get in touch.


How can I make my voice heard?

Each year we hold an Annual General Meeting. This has generally been in the last week of January, and held at Stamford Bridge. Shareholders can ask questions and make comments. Each shareholder gets to vote on resolutions put to the meeting, either through the internet, or by post, or at the meeting.


If I have a query for the board can I ask it?

You can submit a query at any time of the year, and we will endeavour to give you a full reply.


How do I keep up to date with CPO?

We do a regular email update to all shareholders who have given us their email address. We also have a Facebook and Twitter pages that contain information. As well as that we publish updates on this site including minutes of Directors meetings.

If you do not receive the update and wish to do so, email info@chelseapitchowners.com to request this.


I have not received any AGM papers or heard from CPO for some time

If you have not received these by early January and you have NOT moved since receiving them last, it may be that they have been lost in the post. In which case email info@chelseapitchowners.com to request a copy.

If you have not heard from us for some time, it may be that your address has been lost to us, or that you have moved and not informed CPO. Please email us at info@chelseapitchowners.com to advise us of your new address. Please include your share number and old address as proof of ownership.

Please note that as we are a separate company from Chelsea FC, we do not share their data, and any advice to the club is not seen by us.


How many shares have been sold?

To date (October 2017) there are over 21,000 shares sold worldwide. We have shareholders on every continent, and in most countries. Shareholders can be of any age.


Can I transfer my share?

There is no ready market for the sale of shares, and most shares are transfers for no value. Should you wish to transfer a CPO share please download and complete the transfer form, available below. 

Stock Transfer Form


Do CPO shares have any value?

CPO are not licensed to give financial advice, and any person wishing to purchase shares should seek such advice if they think it necessary. Shares are privately traded, and CPO is aware of no shares that have changed hands for any money in recent times. The company has never paid any dividend to its shareholders. Whilst there is no formal discounts available to shareholders, CPO has from time to time offered shareholders discounts on tickets to its own events.


Can I buy a share on behalf of someone else?

Yes. A CPO share makes a perfect present for any true Chelsea fan. All Chelsea Pitch Owners need are their details and contact information from you.


If you have any further questions for CPO, please email info@chelseapitchowners.com