CPO 25th Anniversary Dinner with Ken Bates

Chelsea Pitch Owners are holding a dinner with guest of honour Ken Bates on Friday 23 March.

The occasion will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of CPO, as well as the 1997 FA Cup final win, which was the catalyst of the Chelsea we know and love today. We have issued invitations to many of the players from that team.

The dinner will be held in the Harris Suite at Stamford Bridge. Shareholders are able to get a discount on their tickets, and everyone who attends the dinner will receive a new £25 share as part of their ticket price.

Tickets are priced at £185, £165, and £150 and are discounted by up to £16.00

The application form can be downloaded below, and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. The form should be returned as soon as possible to info@chelseapitchowners.com